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Isn't Apple just a distributor? If I made a product I think that I would want it on every type of distribution channel in order to drive sales. Why would Sony think otherwise? Yes, they may make more money off their own distribution but with all Apple products being tied to Itunes, I would think it would be better business to keep that ongoing. Any ideas?
Do you mean a credit card?
The problem is probably that most of their patents do not pertain to modern digital photography.
I dont remember reading if they used the patents or not. I would assume that they use them or find value in them. Why pay a liscense fee when you can just own them and not pay fee's. With the amount of products Apple makes with patents that cross each product, these fee's add up and fast.
It is really apples to oranges when you compare their pay versus ours....
Do patents ever expire? Why doesn't the federal goverment do anything about Texas and allowing these lawsuits??
Nintendo needs to face the music and port all their propietary games to IOS devices. That would be amazing and I am sure they would make a killing.
They are techincally the same thing other than one has a phone and one doesn't...so I don't believe they will. I think they meant to say mobile device.
I get terribly overexposed photos with my flash on my black iphone 4...can't imagine a white one. A little off topic....any suggestions for an excellent photo app takes that takes great photos with the flash on?? Thanks!
From the limited details we have, it sounds like a honest case. But...we dont know how well he performed in his job or how his attendance was, his customer service skills were...etc, etc. Maybe he sucked as an employee and the younger employees showed more drive and commitment.
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