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Completely agree. Hulu Plus and Netflix on Apple TV would sway me to cancel Verizon Fios.
I completely agree! My 16 month old watches movies on my wifes iPhone 4 and she can also unlock the phone when it is locked by dragging her finger across the screen. In another year or two, she will be getting a Ipad so she can watch her movies and play games.
I am all in favor of getting large corporations manufacturing out of China. Us Amercians have been so spoiled with cheap products from China that we are terrified of other nations manufacturing our products for a bit more. If Brazil can manufacture our products with their workers getting paid a descent salary, costs stay fairly the same, and maybe even Apple takes a little bit of a hit on their bottom line, I am totally willing to pay a little more money. China already...
When did the WSJ become a gossip publication?? I always thought they were a no nonsense business publication that made informed business articles and speculations. They continue to put this article out there every couple of months....yes, they will get it right one day!
If this is regarding the Beatles....who cares anymore. If anyone really wanted their music and they dont already have it, they can find it for free online.
All I want is to stream my music and movies to any device I choose to from where ever I am. I am so tired of hearing about the movie and music industries trying to keep everyone in the dark with their liscensing deals. Why do we have cables anymore for anything?
I love the idea! But as others have pointed out, a bit too late. Sony and Nintendo have already lost marketshare and it is going to be really tough to make it up. I can see this being marketed as a pay as you go phone...not a contract. This way, parents can purchase the phone/system for their kids but not be tied into monthly contracts.
You would think that ATT would mention Apple regardless if they are loosing exclusivity. Apple is still their number 1 money making smart phone and you have to show some respect. They are acting as if they are loosing Apple all together next year.
I like the idea of a la carte.....I personally do not use Garageband so I will only upgrade the other two and only spend $30. I think Apple did a great job pricing this product. It gives us, the consumers, many different options to upgrade. Most companies wouldn't do this!
After all the discussion months ago regarding Apple TV, maybe the eventual direction is to manufacture a TV with the new Apple TV built inside. Not saying tomorrow....down the road.
New Posts  All Forums: