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 You need to take a few zeroes off of that. No matter how omniscient you are, you can't make 1 quadrillion dollars. The GDP of the entire world in 2014 was only 77 trillion dollars for Pete's sake.
At the beginning of the e-mail cook says "But I know your question is on the minds of many investors."  Does anyone know what Cramer's question was?
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but we all know Apple is interested in wearables. What makes more sense than wearable headphones? Apple could put an iPod directly into the headphones. Sure Apple could do this without Beats, but Apple has never been very successful in the audio space (headphones/speakers), so it would make sense to buy a company that has had success.
I wonder if Apple has interest in renewable energy beyond just providing electricity for it's data centers. It would make some sense. Renewable energy has a large up front cost, but produces a reliable return on investment. With how much cash Apple has on hand and how volatile the consumer electronics business can be, it would make sense to make an investment in an industry that has a big upfront cost, but produces a reliable source of income. In addition renewable energy...
This is interesting to me. Apple acquired several mapping companies and Siri which had obvious immediate applications to iOS. But they also are necessary applications for implimenting iOS in the car. Now they might have only had iOS in mind when they acquired those companies and later realized that they had every thing they needed for iOS in the car. However, I think it is equally likely that they came up with a laundry list of what apps would work great in the car and...
I'm guessing that Mac users also install less Windows software on their computers and probably don't download much if any free Windows software that may contain malware.
Exactly what I was thinking. If you treat your employees well and pay them a decent salary, then you'll have a lot less turn over.
iPad, iPod Touch, and Old iPhones being used as an iPod touch.
Looks like HP is ahead of Apple in terms of conditions for it's factory workers. Apple is doing a good job, but it would be nice to see them get Foxconn to operate its factories more like that Quanta factory building HP computers.
  I totally disagree. This will greatly increase the appeal of Apple's, which is already incredibly valuable, but has been under fire for it's manufacturing practices as of late. A manufacturer bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA!!!! That's going to greatly increase their appeal. 
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