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  If JCP's board is smart, he won't be. JCP hasn't been doing well lately, but the changes Johnson is making are good for the long term prospects for the company.
  Guess we've had opposite experiences. I have a Panasonic DVD player that is about 10 years old and a Panasonic TV that is about 7 years old and I've never had any trouble with either.
The s stands for sarcasm. I always thought it stood for serious. Well I'm still going to use it when I'm serious.   /s 
      You're all wrong. The order is for a new sim ejector tool.
  Problem is the only way to fix a number of these problems is though plenty of user generated data and feedback. I've found plenty of errors with Google maps over the years.  Mostly stuff like businesses shown to be a few blocks from where they are actually located, or new roads missing. Nothing major like renaming a town. It should be no surprise that Google Maps is a lot better. They've had over 10 years to refine their data. Thing is if Apple waited to release maps...
  PC companies have been doing this for years. It's called free trials and every non-Apple PC I've every bought is littered with it. It's why the first thing many people do when they get a computer is reinstall Windows.
  However, ads have been proven to be a profitable business model. Of course it remains remains to be seen whether hardwiring ads into your hardware is a good business model. Also everything Amazon is doing hinges on the consumer actually using the device a lot after they buy it. I don't know if they have a good enough user experience to pull that off. The one good thing for consumers is that it motivates Amazon to provide updates to old products because they make money...
Comment Deleted   Someone else beat me to my comment. Guess that's what I get for not reading all the comments before I post.
WiFi in the iPod nano. That's interesting. Guess you'll be able to sync it with iCloud.   Of course what would be really interesting is if they brought Siri to it. An internet connection would make that a possibility and the ability to operate such a small product with voice would be very useful. Although the need to be within range of a WiFi network is a serious limitation.
I doubt that Apple would let him go to deny him these stock options. My guess is that he was let go because he was no longer needed. However, this guy is likely justifiably upset. He had some restricted options that would have been worth a lot of money but are no longer good because he is no longer with Apple. This will probably be quickly settled out of court.
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