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I hope so too. iAds are the only ads I'll click on because most other ads take you out of the app and iAds are the only ones that I can be sure won't take me out of the app. Plus Google doesn't seem to screen their advertisers at all, so there are some pretty dodgy companies that use Google ads. I wish more developers used iAds, because I like supporting developers of free apps by occasionally clicking on the ads.
Good luck trying to find a hard drive that can write it to memory that fast. I suppose if you had enough RAM you might be able to get it to transfer that fast.
You're making predictions on the iPad 3 already. It's release is so far off I wouldn't trust this story if your source was Steve Jobs himself.
That would be cool. I could go on vacation and leave my charger at home.
I think this is more for the iPhone and MacBook Air.
Pretty good chance it was. My Dad had Cancer and had to go to the hospital for cat scans all the time.
My biggest problem with this is where do you draw the line? What about Netflix? Do they have to provide you with the ability to renew your subscription within the app? If so say goodbye to the Netflix app. Same thing with the Kindle app. Amazon is already paying 70% to the publishers. If they have to give 30% to Apple there is no profit in it for them. I suppose you can give the Netflix app pass because they are only providing a portal to their web content and nothing...
Sounds like Apple is doing a good job of monitoring its facilities. It's unfortunate that they need to be monitored at all. Hopefully, Apple will continue to be vigilant and more companies will follow suit.
I'm wondering if they are paying. The article said that that "Bing will power Nokia’s search services across Nokia devices and services." It sounds to me like that will include their feature phones and not just their smart phones running Windows Phone 7. I am thinking that may be enough for Microsoft to forgo it's normal licensing fees.
Part of the reason for the cost is that Apple has developers working on the ads from their end also, so they need the campaign to be big enough to recoup their costs. Additionally they at least were short on staff for iAd, so they needed to concentrate on more lucrative campaigns. They could probably cut the up front commitment in half, but I don't see them going any lower than that.
New Posts  All Forums: