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I'm pretty sure Apple's succession plan involves handing out five golden tickets.
Has anyone mentioned the battery life you get from the mobile WiFi feature? I know it kills other devices batteries. I'm wondering if it is any different on the iPhone.
I use it all the time. My girlfriend always calls me up to ask for directions, so I need to be able to use maps while I'm on the phone. I've also on occasion needed to look up something on the Internet while I was on the phone. However, I'm normally on WiFi, so it wouldn't be a huge deal to lose it.
FireWire? In your dreams. Of course give it about 10 years and your dreams will probably come true. Except by then you'll probably be complaining that it's not as fast as light peak.
Not to me. You have to remember that the iPhone isn't expected to go on sale until the end of March at the earliest, so almost all of the 5 million that they are predicting would be made before it even goes on sale. I suspect that 3-4 million would be more than enough for the first couple of weeks after launch. So if this figure is true maybe they are planning to launch in early to mid March.
Looks like I'm last to bid. I'll go with one minute Bob...I mean Drew.
Doesn't make sense to me. That slot looks too big for a micro sim. I don't see them switching to a regular sim card slot.
Does any major Internet company buy servers from HP or Dell? I'm pretty sure that the big boys like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft custom build their own servers. I truely doubt Apple would buy servers from someone else. Since they are discontinuing the X-Serve I wouldn't be surprised if they are moving away from blade servers. I'll choose to speculate that they move on to their own custom built super computers (don't have any good reason to believe this, but it would be...
I might sign up for Moble Me if it uploads pictures to my account automatically. It would enable my Mom to see all my pictures as soon as they are uploaded. Right now I am uploading some of my pictures to Flicr, but I only upload a handful and I don't do it that often. If the upload was automatic that would be great. Also it would give me an extra backup in the cloud. I bought a time machine just to make sure all our pictures were backed up, but I'm still a little nervous...
I'm still a believer in the SD card slot. I think Photoshop like applications are going to be huge on the iPad. Having a built in SD card slot makes it that much easier to transfer your pictures to the iPad. It makes perfect sense to me.
New Posts  All Forums: