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I think it makes a lot of sense. The iPad seems like it would be a good device to use to touch up photos. Pretty much every camera uses SD cards making an SD card slot an extremely convenient way to get photos from the camera to your iPad.
Do you ask her what she was doing at that seedy hotel on the edge of town when she gets back?
Apple is very protective of it's image so I don't think the marking blitz will be more along the lines of informing people that they have the iPhone rather than actively promoting the iPhone. I expect something along the lines of "The nations most reliable network now has the worlds most popular phone". What would be really funny is if they started doing a can you download it now tag line.
I wonder why they don't take preorders sooner. If they started taking preorders this week, they would have a better indication of how many handsets they need at launch making it much less likely that there will be shortages.
Actually the bigger problem may be how do you tell the phone to work if you are on the Internet. I don't know how Verizon's network works, but if you are on Edge on AT&T, phone calls don't come through. This was a huge problem for me before I upgraded to the 3GS.
That doesn't mean anything. If you asked Tim Cook if Apple was planning on releasing a hoverboard you'd probably would get the same response.
Well consumer reports is certainly not crooked, but the metrics that they use to measure some of the products they review is questionable. For most things they only use consumer surveys. Surveys are great for measuring consumer satisfaction, but since most consumers haven't used more than one or two products in a particular category, it's not the greatest way to compare two products. For the most part the products and services with the highest consumer satisfaction rates...
They have 3G in most areas with a significant population so this is not a huge deal. However, if you are driving between cities on the interstate, you will be stuck on edge for the majority of the trip. I get car sick, so I'm not going to be using data even if I'm not driving. However, I could see this being a major issue for people that drive long distances a lot.
All this commotion is over nothing. I don't think Verizon is going to get the iPhone. Todays event is just to announce that the Beatles are coming to V-Cast.
Samsung supplies Apple with a portion of its flash chips and I believe they are second only to Intel in terms of chip production so they certainly enjoy economies of scale as far as chip production goes. I'm not sure how they stand on other components, but they currently have twice the revenue Apple has, so they are a formidable competitor. I believe LG spun off its mobile phone division as a separate company and are now only loosely affiliated with the rest of LG. They...
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