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I might sign up for Moble Me if it uploads pictures to my account automatically. It would enable my Mom to see all my pictures as soon as they are uploaded. Right now I am uploading some of my pictures to Flicr, but I only upload a handful and I don't do it that often. If the upload was automatic that would be great. Also it would give me an extra backup in the cloud. I bought a time machine just to make sure all our pictures were backed up, but I'm still a little nervous...
I'm still a believer in the SD card slot. I think Photoshop like applications are going to be huge on the iPad. Having a built in SD card slot makes it that much easier to transfer your pictures to the iPad. It makes perfect sense to me.
Don't forget New Balance sneakers.
Might be some confused investors out there if Apple really blows away estimates when they report. If Apple gets down to 18 times trailing earnings in the next few weeks I'd buy it hand over fist (that is if I had the money to do that). However, I probably blow my load at 19 or 20 times earnings out of fear that it would rebound. I wouldn't be too worried. A big reason reason Apple's been so successful is all the talented executives and engineers they have hired since...
I think it makes a lot of sense. The iPad seems like it would be a good device to use to touch up photos. Pretty much every camera uses SD cards making an SD card slot an extremely convenient way to get photos from the camera to your iPad.
Do you ask her what she was doing at that seedy hotel on the edge of town when she gets back?
Apple is very protective of it's image so I don't think the marking blitz will be more along the lines of informing people that they have the iPhone rather than actively promoting the iPhone. I expect something along the lines of "The nations most reliable network now has the worlds most popular phone". What would be really funny is if they started doing a can you download it now tag line.
I wonder why they don't take preorders sooner. If they started taking preorders this week, they would have a better indication of how many handsets they need at launch making it much less likely that there will be shortages.
Actually the bigger problem may be how do you tell the phone to work if you are on the Internet. I don't know how Verizon's network works, but if you are on Edge on AT&T, phone calls don't come through. This was a huge problem for me before I upgraded to the 3GS.
That doesn't mean anything. If you asked Tim Cook if Apple was planning on releasing a hoverboard you'd probably would get the same response.
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