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The picture of their product in the article doesn't looks like anything Apple would be interested in. I'm guessing that the company actually went out of business and then Apple hired one of their lead engineers.
Does anyone have a link to the actual study. That chart obviously does not give the % of developers that develop for each platform because it adds up to 100%. You can't tell me that there are no developers that develop for more than one of these platforms. Did they asked the developer what their primary platform was? Did developers that develop for multiple platforms get counted more than once? Also Millenial is an ad network, so are they only counting developers that use...
They did, but they are not going out of business. They are going to put more of an effort into their online business. They aren't competitive with netflix on the streaming side of the buisiness yet, but you can now get games from them and the tie in with their physical stores is a big plus.
Didn't realize Target was selling cell phones now. But I guess they are just in the process of adding it. I wonder if the Target by me has them.
I am wondering where you are getting your data from. 1-2% is probably about right in most poorer countries where Symbian tends to dominate, but in most wealthy nations I believe the percentage is much higher. That said, the US is one of the only countries where Android is actually beating the iPhone in sales. Once it is available on more networks it will have a good chance of being able to beat out Android in terms of shipments.
Yeah mistakes like that are why I don't normally use autocorrect. Unfortunately for some reason on the iPhone you have to have autocorrect on to use spell check (they do let you turn off spell check if you only want to use autocorrect however. The other day I meant to send an email that said "Thanks I got it" but I guess I hit 'f' instead of 'g' and it was autocorrected to "Thanks, I for it." unfortunately I didn't notice until right after I hit the send button.
Actually that is exactly the reason. That's not to say that Java is insecure like the commenter was implying. However one of major the reasons Apple is no longer going to write their own Java updates is because they were always a version behind, and the biggest reason you want to have the latest release of Java is security. Frankly for most users it's probably better just not to have it installed at all. I'm sure most people don't have any Java programs installed, and no...
I enabled the password lock for the first time today just to see if I could get this bug to work. With how often I lock and unlock my phone I wouldn't want to have it on all the time. It doesn't seem like the bug is very easy to do. I got it to work on my third try, but couldn't get it to do it again after that.
The current update didn't sound too exciting, but I never purchased the last upgrade and would like to get Faces and Places. I couldn't see paying $50 for the entire suite since I never use Garage Band and only have used iMovie a couple of times.
Their work on unreal engine for iOS looks really promising. Apple could use the expertise of their engineers to develop some really top notch APIs for iOS and OSX. I think Epic Games or some other company with a top notch gaming engine would make a lot of sense for an acquisition.
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