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WiFi in the iPod nano. That's interesting. Guess you'll be able to sync it with iCloud.   Of course what would be really interesting is if they brought Siri to it. An internet connection would make that a possibility and the ability to operate such a small product with voice would be very useful. Although the need to be within range of a WiFi network is a serious limitation.
I doubt that Apple would let him go to deny him these stock options. My guess is that he was let go because he was no longer needed. However, this guy is likely justifiably upset. He had some restricted options that would have been worth a lot of money but are no longer good because he is no longer with Apple. This will probably be quickly settled out of court.
Got a new motto for them: Samsung, so unoriginal we can't even design a box.   I'm guessing that every time Samsung has a tough design decision they ask the question "What would Apple do?" Then they take a trip to the nearest Apple Store to find out.
Notice, the charts that Apple presented are much nicer to look at and easier to read than Samsung's. Kind of shows you how deep Apple's design ethos goes.   Edit: On second thought I'm wondering if these are the actual charts that were submitted into evidence. Considering they have the same color scheme, I'm thinking they likely were copied from the records and reformatted. Unless Samsung copied that too. :)
    Think this may be what he was referring to. He just failed to realize that they were only talking about charging for FaceTime over cellular (reading his post again it is possible he did realize it and that is what he was upset about).  
  Forgot to include this quote in my post.
Hell I have a tough enough time keeping track of the truth. For instance I've had security questions about what my first car was. Now I have to figure out if I answered with the make, the  model or both. Ask me what my grandfathers name was. Did I put the full version or the shortened nick name version of his name. Thing is you have to be exact. I could get a question about what my name is wrong. If I say Joe and the computer has Joseph, I just failed that question.
Well the genius ads were for the Mac. This is an iPad ad. Why not conclude that they abandoned doing their celebrity Siri ads based on this also?
I just deleted my credit card information from Amazon. This is scary. These guys could have made a bunch of charges on Amazon to his credit card.
This rectangles argument that Samsung seems to give major insight into why Samsung copied Apple. It's because they felt they had the right to. Because all they were copying were rectangles, you can't patent rectangles. Probably the same reason they made their headphones white. You can't patent that either. But the problem is they kept making all their design choices like that and before long their entire product line up looked like cheap copies of Apple's devices. If it...
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