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This poll is stupid. People are $70 a month or more to use these phones. They must value their phones way more than they stated or they'd have cancelled their service long ago.
Makes sense. Once you have it up and running for iOS, it shouldn't take too much effort to create a version for the Mac. Also with iCloud integration, it will allow you to look up directions on your computer and have them automatically show up on your iPhone, so the directions are with you when you leave.
  They probably didn't want to be bought, so Apple did the next best thing.
    I'm pretty sure he was talking about people that make all their money from investments and not those on Welfare, lol.
Well you have to understand what motivated Steve. He was not interested in money (he had plenty already). He was devoted 100% to building Apple. It was his creation. His legacy. The fact that Tim Cook turned down this money leads me to believe that maybe he is starting to think the same way.
Well there are two types of cheap. There's Walmart cheap, and then there's Costco cheap. Walmart sells a lot of products that are cheap because they use low quality materials. People for the most part know it will be a piece of crap when they buy it, but it's so damn inexpensive it doesn't matter. They buy it anyway. Costco on the other hand offers mid-tier to premium goods (normally, but not always, in bulk) at far cheaper prices than you can find anywhere else. I've...
 When a store starts offering sales all the time customers learn that the listed price is a joke. If you ever pay full price on anything, you are a fool because the next sale will only be a week or two away. The problem JC Penny's is facing right now is customers are still in the old mindset. They go in. Find something they like. The price is good, but it's not on sale, so they decide to wait. It won't take long for the customers to learn that that sale is never going to...
That could be the case, but if it really is experiencing heat issues it might only trickle charge the battery so it doesn't overheat.
I can think of one, licensing costs. The voice recognition they are using is licensed from Nuance and there is a good chance there are other technologies that they need to license to make Siri possible. It doesn't make sense to pay licensing costs to add features to the millions of iPad2's they have already sold. Also the margins are a bit smaller for the iPad, so the additional costs may throw off the pricing structure of the current generation of iPads. I wouldn't expect...
Interesting no seams. That would imply just one antenna. The iPod touch only need one antenna for WiFi. It is also a bit smaller than the iPhone. That could what this is.
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