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In other words they are trying to double dip. They could get in trouble doing this. Apple may decide to withhold their licensing fee in response. In fact it sounds like they gave Apple the arguement that this patent doesn't apply to them. They are the landowner/maker of the tools.
You don't have to worry about losing the magnet. They are going to sell special shirts with the magnet built in.
I predict that now that Skype is owned by Microsoft, it will lose even more money each year.
I could see arm processors in the MacBook Air. The 10 inch Air is mostly battery doesn't have that powerful of a processor, and still only gets five hours of battery life. Arm chips are advancing pretty fast in a couple of years they may be more powerful than what the 10 inch currently has and they probably could cut down the battery size and still get 10 hours of battery life. They could also get rid of the fan (although they might decide to keep it to run the processor...
I was thinking the same thing, but then I checked and I'm only on 4.3, so I probably should update.
You have to expect news about Apple to always get the most attention. They are the company that the largest number of people care about. Apple gets way more attention than anybody else when they release a new product. But you have to take the good with the bad. They are also going to get a lot more attention when something goes wrong. Even if it might not be that big of a deal.
I'm guessing that Apple got first crack at these because of thunderbolt.
Actually given how few thunderbolt accessories there currently are, that's one of the few things the second port is good for. In the future, I'm confident it will have lots of uses, but right now there isn't much you can use it for.
That would actually be pretty cool. I keep all my old bank statements and sometimes use them for that purpose.
Well you can't use this data to get the exact locations that you have been, but you can use it to find your general location. That is you can't use it to say that someone visited the Empire State Building. However you can use it to say that they made a trip to Manhattan. Of course, if you are really concerned about this sort of thing you might not want to carry around a cell phone because your cell phone carrier already has this information.
New Posts  All Forums: