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I'm guessing that Apple got first crack at these because of thunderbolt.
Actually given how few thunderbolt accessories there currently are, that's one of the few things the second port is good for. In the future, I'm confident it will have lots of uses, but right now there isn't much you can use it for.
That would actually be pretty cool. I keep all my old bank statements and sometimes use them for that purpose.
Well you can't use this data to get the exact locations that you have been, but you can use it to find your general location. That is you can't use it to say that someone visited the Empire State Building. However you can use it to say that they made a trip to Manhattan. Of course, if you are really concerned about this sort of thing you might not want to carry around a cell phone because your cell phone carrier already has this information.
Has anyone seen any articles yet as to why a phone would store this information? I am sure there must be a good reason for the iPhone to store cell tower data, but not being an expert, I have no idea what that reason would be.
If I was buying an iPhone today, I'd definitely get the white one. Their resale value should be a bit higher because there isn't going to be nearly as many of them as the black model.
My thinking exactly. I would expect activations to go way up next quarter. The gray market is the reason that whenever stores get the iPad 2 in stock, the Verison iPad is the only version that is left after the first hour.
He loves Android in the same way that Red Sox fans love the Yankees.
My guess is that they are going allow developers to bundle Mac and iOS apps together as a universal application.
Except that a cop won't pull you over and give you a ticket for not following this. Also it is in your best interest to stop if you value your car and your life. It is not in advertisers best interest to follow these rules.
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