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Is their anybody he isn't suing?
Possible. It is also possible that they are using the exact same screen as the iPhone 4. The screen on the iPhone 4 was pretty damn good after all.
I'm surprised that a book publisher isn't one of their launch partners. It would make a lot of sense to put book ads on there.
I'm getting sick of Silverlight eating up my CPU cycles. If I pause a Netflix move and minimize the window Silverlight still uses up 17%-18% of my CPU. i hate the fact that I have to close out my window if I don't want to drain my battery all the way down.
Well you are rooting for them against Viacom probably the most backward thinking content provider out there.
It's a good idea to get in as many stores. I went to a Best Buy Mobile and a Verizon Kiosk that didn't have the iPhone, and their entire sales pitch was to trash the iPhone. I'm sure if they actually had it for sale, they would be busy trying to sell it rather than bad mouthing it.
Well this is more about making sure that they have enough components than trying to close out competitors. They have enormous amount of demand for the iPad, and are paying up front to make sure they can secure the components they need. If they don't do this, there will continue to be shortages for the iPad 2.
This article from the WSJ says that the trading will likely happen at the end of the month. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...o&mod=yahoo_hs It also says that the sell off from ETF's will amount about 1% of AAPL or half a normal day of trading. They don't think it will have much of an impact. However, with all the hedge funds that will be trying to game this trade, there is likely to be quite a bit of volatility in the stock.
Exactly, that is why you don't need to buy right away. Any strength in AAPL will be seen as an opportunity to sell, so they can balance their portfolio to match the NASDAQ. I suspect that their will be a sell off after every up day until the exchange funds are able to balance their holdings. I would expect the stock to hover around whatever today's closing price is for a couple of weeks. However, I'm not an expert in these things (and I don't think the experts are even...
Cool site. You can really compare the difference in quality between the different cameras. To me they all have good enough quality. Unless you are printing out glossy's or zooming way in, it's tough to tell the difference between 3MP, 5MP, and 8MP cameras. In all the cameras I compared the iPhone 4 looked the best mainly because its pictures had the brightest and most vibrant colors. What I really want is better pictures of moving objects. I have a 2 year old daughter, and...
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