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I think the key word here is Verizon retail staff. I can believe that the HTC Thunderbolt is matching the iPhone sales through Verizon. However, that does not account for all the iPhone sales that are going through Apple. I'd guess that half of iPhone sales go through Apple.
I was thinking more along the lines of a Mac Pro running 4-8 computers, but I suppose you could use a mini also.
You know what, I've been avoiding bit torrent lately. But shit like this makes me think I should just pirate all my content.
I'm not at all surprised by this. Allowing Microsoft and Facebook to mess around with things totally undermines the entire purpose behind Google's creation of Android. If I was Microsoft, I'd be throwing boatloads of cash at every major OEM to make Bing the default search because it undermines Android.
I have never seen an implementation of viewing 3D that was actually good. 3D right now is just a gimmick. It's cool for the first ten minutes and then the novelty wears of and I just want to watch a normal 2D movie. I doubt Apple will ever do a 3D display. But you never know, maybe they will find a way to do it that actually works.
Any guesses on what the Apple digital library is. I know what I hope it is. A copy of every app on the app store, every book in iBooks, and every song, video, and movie in iTunes. That way if you want to sample something all you have to do is drive down to the Apple store to do it. I'm sure it is something much less than that, but one can dream.
With the conference selling out so quickly, I'm wondering how long before they start doing a second conference.
The lack of new parts in the supply chain means nothing. I expect the design to be very similar, in which case there wouldn't be many new parts, and what new parts there are may be sourced to new suppliers. Besides that, reports that come from supply chain sources are highly unreliable.
I learned LaTeX when I was in grad school. It wasn't too difficult to pick up. There is tons of stuff on the Internet on it. Whenever you need to look up command, you just need to do a search fo it and a bunch of good results will pop up. I use it for all my word processing now.
It would still be cool at standard definition if that is possible. Regardless you should still be able to use AirPlay for board games.
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