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Thanks for explaining that. I didn't understand his comment either.
Well the hardware manufacturers know how that played out. Basically because of the Wintel monopoly, they all became commoditized. Apple is the only company that has substantially differentiated it's computers from other manufacturers and is able to earn a much higher margin on all its computers as a result. The Wintel monopoly worked out great for Microsoft and Intel, but not for everybody else. This time around all the hardware makers are trying to avoid falling into the...
A lot of the iPhone apps are actually for taking pictures, and up until last week the iPad didn't have a camera.
By comparison to what? You never stated the percentage of apps that are free on the Mac App Store.
It does need to be accurate to within inches. It just needs to be able to measure the time difference it takes for the signal to reach each antenna. That's the way your ears work to determine which direction a sound comes from. We are not that good at it, but owls and bats are extremely good at locating things this way.
The cable companies also have some streaming content available for free to subscribers. Of course their free offerings are pathetic unless you subscribe to a premium channel. Still with a number of free offerings in addition to their paid offerings, it is impressive that iTunes can compete.
There are way too many scams out their for me to use a number posted in a forum. You are much better off suggesting people go to their official web site or iTunes to donate.
That stupid paper clip they put in word trumps all.
Judging from the fact they have already sold out at every store that got them, my guess is that they didn't offer preorders because they knew they might be short on supply.
I got a 15 in MacBook Pro in November 2008. My cycle count is at 1312 and the condition says normal. I think my battery life has fallen off a little bit, but it still is fine. I don't know how comparable our batteries are since we have different models, but given how many more cycles my battery has gone through, I'd say yours will be fine for a while.
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