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Lots of free advertisements for Target in this thread.
I don't think that would be an issue considering that they are using paper charts now.
Good to know. However under the new system if you don't sync one of your songs to your iPhone you could go to the iTunes store to download it if you want to listen to it. This would be really great for movies because video takes up so much space that I just don't put any video on my phone. However if I could download a movie I owned whenever I wanted to watch it, that would be great.
Well if Apple wants to promote FaceTime, I can't think of any better way to do it.
I guaranty that once one of these networks has honest to God 4G speeds, they will call it 5G.
This doesn't seem necessary since Lion saves your documents automatically as you edit them. Although I'm not sure exactly go it works. If you just create an new untitled document, it might not save your work.
You also have to consider the fact that most Windows computers are still running XP, which is much much less secure than Vista and Windows 7.
They are what the Internet is made out of right?
I hope so too. iAds are the only ads I'll click on because most other ads take you out of the app and iAds are the only ones that I can be sure won't take me out of the app. Plus Google doesn't seem to screen their advertisers at all, so there are some pretty dodgy companies that use Google ads. I wish more developers used iAds, because I like supporting developers of free apps by occasionally clicking on the ads.
Good luck trying to find a hard drive that can write it to memory that fast. I suppose if you had enough RAM you might be able to get it to transfer that fast.
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