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Firstly, cars have been around quite a long time and its patients have expired. Plus, there are several ways to design a phone or tablet, however, Samsung wants to imitate a successful product!
Maybe Qualquamm pre maded LTE 2nd gen for apple.
By 2015: android 25 %, iOS 32%, webOS 10%, RIM 15%, win7 18%. Android is like nokia's symbian. I suspect Google will have to deal with Oracle rain in terror and causes some instability in the os. Also, suspect the weakest android hardware companies will fade into bankruptcy. Samsung, HTC are the strongest. LG,Motorola are weaker. Others are even lesser known. Apple's iOS will continue to evolve! os X lasted 10 plus years and so will ios X. HP webos may or may...
Where did you get 32.9 million? I see that it is 32.9% share. It is 33.3 mil shipped. Oh, did see the article saying Google shipped 32.9 mil. It is still unclear how that happen to ring in 32.9 % share, too. It is odd that these chinese phone company only sold 400,000 units for a population so great as china. I think Canalys need to clarify its results.
Apple sold 14.8 million iPads in 2010 calendar year while androids sold 2.1 million. Apple has about 87% market share not 77%. 77% is just the 4th qtr result.
I hope so! apple can enlarge the screen closer to 4 inch !!! plus bigger battery and bigger hardrive!
Look, Samsung makes way over 100 million units last year. Sure, it was not all smartphones, but still. Samsung wants triple its smartphones sales from 20 millions to 60 this year. That would help android a lot. Apple needs to sell 200 million in one year.
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