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I don't understand why anyone would pay for this. There's literally zero benefit for the general consumer. Anyone who would need to access old games or possibly rewatch a game has free ways to do so.
So the people asking for a "phone pairing system" aren't interested in higher tech in their car? Okay, got it.
If I were him, I would have held back on these comments until everyone had used up their three month trial. He may see people leaving his service once they have to choose which one to pay for.
I can ship more smart phones than Apple...it doesn't mean anyone is buying them.
Did this replace HBO GO? Can you still use this app with your normal HBO log in?
Space Gray 64GB Air 2 for me. Delivery is the 24-27. Hopefully sooner.
Exactly what I wanted to see and for a cheaper price. Count me in. Who wants to buy my old Macbook Pro?
Touch ID was exactly what I wanted. I sold my iPad 2 today and will be ordering a new Air asap.
That must refer to iPods
It's about time!
New Posts  All Forums: