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Wait, so you mean if I try to bend my phone in half, it might actually work?!? Astonishing!
I think these might be the worst Apple ads...ever. They're so annoying and obnoxious.
It would be a LOT more useful if it also tagged the song in Shazam. Maybe an extension can handle that.
Mac Mini update anyone? Looking to buy one but I know I need to wait for this show before I do.
It's a BS move by Apple. I've always felt like they put the customer first, while also trying to make as much money as humanly possible. Today, they went straight for the cash grab.
Anyone else feel like we're getting screwed with that 16 gb entry phone now?
BREAKING: No one freaking knows!
Please please please start at 32 GB this time. 16 GB is very outdated.
New Posts  All Forums: