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If they wanted to make the biggest splash possible, then they would secretly get Steve there (easier said than done), have him call via Facetime, and then have him say "one more thing" as he hangs up and walks out to meet the crowd and presents the real "one more thing". And BOOM goes the dynamite haha.
While I do think there will be a new iPad 2 announced tomorrow, I don't think it will be readily available for sale that same day...unless the macbook pro pallets also contained new iPads. And haven't we already concluded that the Best Buy inventory system is a crapshoot for predicting new products.
Considering that the iPad 1 is better than most of the "plethora" of products coming out this year, I think they could put a sticker on that one that said 2 and be fine. Apple has nothing to worry about here.
Mine shipped out yesterday and should be here Wednesday. Just in time for me to check out all the iPad news!
I'm in the prepared for shipment phase now so if they get it shipped out today (which if it's in China, it would be Monday there soon so it's possible) then it would arrive by Wednesday of this week. Not a bad turn around at all. Too bad they tempted me with that HD screen though. I could have gone to the Apple store and had one on launch day if not for that haha.
I ordered a 15 in. Pro on Thursday night with the HD screen upgrade...no shipping confirmation yet.
Whew it's been a long wait for me since my Powerbook died last November. 15 in. here I come! Can't wait for the store to be back up.
Nobody is "loosing" anything. The average Joe who doesn't follow Apple is not looking at Macbook Pros and screaming 3-5 days! Screw that.
Sorry but I fail to see the correlation between studies to cure cancer and people having healthcare.
Please explain to me how people having better healthcare or having more options would lead to the curing of cancer.
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