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I won't pretend to understand all the legal and technology stuff behind the battle here but even if Apple is trying to present a sub standard plan (and I doubt that very highly), Nokia sounds really bad with their response to this.
I see your intelligence takes after the namesake of your username. Congrats.
Just when I think Americans can't get any dumber. We are so lazy in this country and nothing is ever our fault. How fast could she have possibly been walking and how forward was she leaning to have hit her nose on the door first and to have broken it? I hope she doesn't get a dollar out of this. Or maybe, it would be even better to pay her one dollar less than whatever fees she is having to pay for legal representation. There's an episode of Justice League Unlimited...
Enjoy your future android phone.
How is this a rumor? Is this not common sense?
Wait, so doing business with Apple is a good thing?
Learn to take a joke.
Seriously Canada, what's wrong with you?
This is obviously false and link bait. The screen size we have now is fine. I want a phone in my pocket, not a tablet.
Almost? That's more than enough for a 16 gb iPad. They're only 540 after taxes. You could get a 16 gb iPad and a real nice case on Apples dime.
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