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2020 profits: android .07%, MS .03% apple 99% Profits > Market Share
It's a really great strategy to show people just how many people are willing to wait in a line for hours for a new iPhone.
The sales of Blu Rays are going up for a three reasons 1. They have raised the price of a regular DVD significantly and lowered the price of a Blu Ray in an effort to get you to buy the blu ray 2. They have stopped giving us all the extras we used to get on dvd and are making them available only on blu ray format 3. They won't sell their HD versions on iTunes in a dumb effort to keep us from buying there
Just to echo what others have said, iMessage, iChat and Facetime should all be rolled into one app. To have three separate versions is just dumb.
Market share has nothing to do with this. Apple already has the most popular products and that's why people make third party accessories for the phones. It's not because Apple leads in market share because that's never been true. It's because the money is with Apple and in Apple.
You obviously didn't understand my comment.
And Android devices will never make as much money as an iPhone so who wins there?
They lost market share and yet somehow they still manage to make billions of dollars...whatever will they do?
Wait, so selling things for less than what it costs you to make it is bad? What is this world coming to? Who is running Amazon now, Micheal Scott paper?
That's just because that blank newstand is staring you in the face if you don't.
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