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The one I ordered for my wife was delivered today around 1. The Fedex guy was practically out of breath from running up the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment and he was so glad that I was home so he didn't have to fill out a slip and leave it on my door. He told me the iPad was pretty much the only thing in his truck today and that it was like that for most other drivers as well. This was in Houston, Tx. also. My wife loves it too. She's been on it almost non stop for...
What a bunch of losers. Are they going to protest every product released at every business in America?
But i thought google and android were open!?!?!?!?!?
They never put products out before you can actually buy them. They'll have them all out when they open stores on the 16th.
The high prices never came from shortages, they came from countries who didn't get them as soon as we did here in America.
No and they won't be until the 16th.
I ordered one for my wife's birthday yesterday and it says delivered on the 16th. It sure was a lot of trouble to get into that site though. It took about 2 hours after the event was done before I could get all the way through to placing my order.
Who cares if there are different stores for different countries? I wouldn't want to go to iTunes and search through 50 different apps to find the English version.
You buy things for the next 10-20 years for free. That's how you spend it haha. The problem for this kid will be when one of his friends hacks his account and drains the money.
I think it's pretty obvious that the iPad in the picture is turned on it's side so you can't see the picture and they either edited out the other apps or they simply went to a screen with no apps on the bottom so you'll focus on the 7. That's the point anyway, to say March 7th. This picture could easily be enhanced also. The retina display is not a certainty until Apple says it is in their presentation.
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