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No I get your point, I just think it's wrong and ridiculous.
Haha to they don't get gifts. Do a quick google search on that one. Every bowl game gives the players some kind of gift.
This will not include playoff games because they are nationally televised and considered "in market" games. And since the NFL runs for 17 weeks it's actually 11.76 per week.
Yea the free education, free room and board, free food, free tutoring, free workouts and medical attention, free per diem pocketed money on road trips and the free gifts at bowl games are such a rip off! Not to mention, these guys don't have student loans and make more connections than any other normal student for post football careers. They sure are being taken advantage of!
Great timing! We're cutting the cord this August
Not at all the same. When a movie is released, they don't play it all day every day for free. 
Sounds like a lot of people made poor decisions
No it's a privilege, not a right and as a former teacher, I wish students and their "parents" would realize that.
Haven't we been down the Google TV road before?
That would mean someone actually fell for this ploy
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