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He's never wrong. Super pundit is never wrong.
Alright then. Thank you pundit.
You can get into any specs war you want. It won't make you right.
Thank you pundit for taking one spec and making it the whole story.
Seriously? If anything, Nintendo made less of a leap from Wii to Wii U than Microsoft or Sony did.
This has nothing to do with low cost streamers. One, they changed who was in charge of Microsoft and he's giving fans what they wanted. This version won't include the Kinect and offers fans a different choice. Not to mention that it matches the price of the PS4. And they're both selling very well. Who gives a crap about what kind of PC you can build anyway? PC gaming doesn't matter imo.
Safari tab refreshes drive me nuts too but certainly not enough to leave the iPad. Hopefully, this next batch of iPads will not only feature more ram, but will have an entry level set at 32 gb of storage.
But how much money have they made?
Hulu in the beginning was great.
Sure is. Select shows are not the ones people want to watch.
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