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Haven't we been down the Google TV road before?
That would mean someone actually fell for this ploy
It's way too busy. Very poor layout of that information.
There's a lot of info there, but that looks terrible. I prefer simplicity 
Good news. Hopefully the stock weather app will merge with the Weather Channel app and provide similar functionality. I'd love to just use the stock app and not have to hide it somewhere so I can use the weather channel app.
Certainly looks interesting. I'm very curious to try third party keyboards in a real world scenario though.
I don't get this purchase at all, but I'll wait and see what comes of it.
I still fail to see the point of a flexible screen if the parts behind it aren't flexible as well.
Who cares, the game was terrible.
This is also very wrong. Both some of the numbers, and the general argument you were asked to make.
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