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  Animal Planet? Really? If channels are popular enough, they'll survive and if they're not, they'll die. I don't see any problem with that.
What would be great, is if they didn't screw over their customers who have bought the app before. I've already paid for this app on my iOS devices and my computer. I'm not paying them again just to get push notifications. I love this app but the Twitter app is free and they didn't screw me over.
I thought we were past April Fools already
You don't have to hold the button down the whole time. You just click it once, take your picture and click done when you're finished.
Ports an iPad owner could only dream of? Personally, I've never felt the need to plug anything into my iPad besides the charger or a set of headphones. I have a computer for real work.
1. iTunes Match is not free, thus adding to the cost of the Touch. 2. iCloud only works for music that was bought in the apple store. How many kids do you know that actually pay for their music instead of downloading it for free and taking it from friends 3. Your daughter could fill up 8gb with two movies and nothing else. Apps take up a lot more space now than they used to and photos can eat up space really quickly too. Not to mention the videos she would take with the...
And if they don't, they'll go with the touch which does the same things but also fits in your pocket and costs less.
What good would an 8gb version of the touch be? Here's 4 apps and 12 songs...have fun sweetie! As long as they keep making iPhones, they'll keep making touches. All the work that goes into research and development of iPhone parts can turn right around and be used in a touch. It's like printing money.
For their first trip into the maps department, I think it's a great start. They'll catch up to Google and soon enough Google will have their own app if you choose to use that instead.
Apple should make an ad making fun of people waiting in line for Samsung phones...wait...no one EVER does that.
New Posts  All Forums: