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What good would an 8gb version of the touch be? Here's 4 apps and 12 songs...have fun sweetie! As long as they keep making iPhones, they'll keep making touches. All the work that goes into research and development of iPhone parts can turn right around and be used in a touch. It's like printing money.
For their first trip into the maps department, I think it's a great start. They'll catch up to Google and soon enough Google will have their own app if you choose to use that instead.
Apple should make an ad making fun of people waiting in line for Samsung phones...wait...no one EVER does that.
14% of their profit is probably less than 2% of Apples haha
The "majority"? I preordered my two 4 hours after the sales started and mine is saying delivered Oct. 5th.
There's no reason to wait in line for Samsung products. The next big thing is only a few days away!
It doesn't matter if the merits of Rolex and Timex aren't up to the same standards as iPhone and everyone else. What matters is that you understand the point he's trying to make and everyone does.
I know. I just couldn't stay up or get up at 2 AM my time when I'll be up until at least that late with work tonight. It's been almost 2 hours since I got my order through and my order is still being processed.
What a hassle. Apple wouldn't let me change my shipping address and AT&T wouldn't recognize that I already had an existing data plan. I ended up going through Apple and I'll have to get my shipping address changed in the next week. Hopefully the 2 weeks is wrong since pre orders started 4 hours ago.
I think I'd rather pay more than go for something cheap and constantly be bombarded with ads.
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