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Hulu in the beginning was great.
Sure is. Select shows are not the ones people want to watch.
I too received a stock email response that did not at all address my message sent to them but mine was different than the posted one above.
 They already sell comics in the iBooks store and have for a while now.
They already do and have been for a while.
You Amazon lovers should go check out the percentages Amazon was taking before Apple came along. Then tell me who's being greedy.
Do you use the guided view? It is small for me if I don't zoom in but the guided view makes it a lot better.
I think most people will abandon it simply because they think they can't buy the comics anymore. There's no explanation about how to buy them now, just the add to wish list button.
Hopefully Apple responds by adding more comics to the iBook store. I'll gladly switch over to that rather than using the Comixology apps
What do a short attention span have to do with it? It's a necessary evil to have a password on your phone and not only is touch ID more secure, but it's faster and easier. Congrats on being the first person to complain about that combo.
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