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Maybe they should work on making itunes and the itunes app run more smoothly. It's a behemoth of an application at this point and it takes forever to do anything.
If only iPads existed...
I wonder how many of those 12 million spent any money?
I don't know about Munster, but I can play any game in the app store on my Apple TV
Did Apple drop a ball? I can't tell from the comments so far
I don't see Apple selling anything at a loss or even at break even. I'm sure they make a nice little profit on the Apple TV, especially as time has gone on and they haven't updated it.
Good move Microsoft. Make people pay for something they have already found ways to do without.
Facebook was better than Microsoft and Apple because they gave you 2 billion dollars
You're right about that. The 5C is selling way more.
Oh I know exactly what it is.
New Posts  All Forums: