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What do a short attention span have to do with it? It's a necessary evil to have a password on your phone and not only is touch ID more secure, but it's faster and easier. Congrats on being the first person to complain about that combo.
Yep, and annoying
Sluggish is being nice! It's still an incredible device though. Considering it's my practically my main computer now, it's time for an upgrade.
How many people (I am certainly one) skipped on replacing their original/iPad 2 with a new one this past year because of the lack of Touch ID? If my next phone is going to have it then I want it on my iPad too. I can't imagine I was alone on that.
Might as well hide those apps. Sounds like I can't watch anything on them.
 Exactly. It'll be interesting to see where this leads.
Would android even exist anymore if samsung ditched it? 
Count me as one of those. I'm on the "non S" upgrade cycle for my iPhone so I know my iPhone 6 will have it and I wanted my next iPad to have it as well so I'm not buying one until it's included. My iPad 2 is getting a little long in the tooth though.
The only problem right now is HOW FREAKING LONG it's been since they announced anything or updated anything. The last keynote was back in October, which feels like an eternity.
Maybe they should work on making itunes and the itunes app run more smoothly. It's a behemoth of an application at this point and it takes forever to do anything.
New Posts  All Forums: