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They can make it whatever price they want. What's important is the pricing and availability of anti virus software haha.
I think Apple just padded their wallets with this announcement tonight. How long will a tablet running windows take to boot up? 20 min? You'll also need to launch all of these mythical products you keep announcing...surface, windows 8, windows rt, smart glass. And no mention of availability, price, battery life...could you imagine if Apple did that in a presentation? Good luck Microsoft, you're going to need all the help in the world for this to be successful.
My first judgement looking at the pictures of the tall screen (if it is indeed how the final product will look) is that I don't like it. It seems cheaper if that makes sense. I'll withhold final judgements until we actually get the reveal from Apple.
You answered nothing here. All you did was spit out catch phrases.
I do not want tapered edges on my phone. It works great for the iPad but it would only make the phone harder to hold. 
I hope they do a live stream for this one but I won't hold my breath.
A facebook phone is the last thing we need. Zuckerberg doesn't seem to realize that he's lost the high school crowd to Twitter.
It's funny that iOS seems to be directly funding Android. If Apple could figure out a way to cut off the profits Google is getting from iOS then Android would probably disappear. It's weird, but I actually find myself rooting for Windows Phone to succeed because the fandroids are so annoying. Microsoft still can't get their act together though. The Nokia Lumia 900 was supposed to be a huge hit for Windows Phone and it's barely made a dent.
    What I should have said is what happens when all these lawsuits are resolved or finished. I didn't mean settled the way it read.
So what happens when all these patent lawsuits are finally settled? Is any company going to be able to import anything? And if Motorola somehow succeeds in blocking the Xbox 360, the iPad and the iPhone from American buyers, who do they think is going to then turn around and buy crap from them?
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