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I wish these "analysts" aka fortune tellers, would at least get back to the Apple TV rumors. At least that one is interesting and could possibly happen.
That looks very nice...but I can't help but wonder how long it will be until it gets trashed.
Won't believe it till I see it.
Also, water is wet.
Maybe they should work on making them more comfortable with better acoustics. I don't care how they look.
I'm not sure Apple is at fault here. It's not like iBooks is the only way you can buy books.
I think Apple should take the blame for this. These rumors wouldn't exist if they hadn't changed the release time on the iPhone 4s. I'm looking forward to the next phone, which I imagine will simply be called iPhone because my iPhone 4 is in need of an upgrade.
Way to jump on current events Nokia.
Is this sarcasm? Steve and his "reality distortion field" would say whatever benefited him.
Siri is a beta anyway. If you don't like the way it works just return the phone...before you used it for 4 months. And why does it seem Apple gets sued so often for their ads? Has anyone ever sued the beer companies? I've never seen anyone open a beer and then have an ice train with bikini girls come flying in but that's what their commercials depict.
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