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Yea, one of them works great and one of them is a great paperweight.
I don't get why AT&T got shut down on their T-Mobile purchase but Comcast can just do whatever they want.
If I can use it with one hand and put it in a normal sized pocket then I'm fine with it. If not, it might as well be trash. Those super screen phones are for women and their purses.
Finally! No more scores that look like this 9,842,864.087,712.
I hope this fixes all of the airplay and home sharing issues I've been having lately.
I was ready to go from an iPad 2 to a new iPad but without Touch ID I'll just wait until they add it. I know the next iPhone I upgrade to will have that and I'd like my next iPad to have it as well.   And as far as selling that old iPad 2 still, I bet there are two reasons. 1. margins! I bet they're making a fortune on that and it's probably cheaper than ever to build now. 2. There are many people, like my wifes grandparents, who just bought two iPad 2's recently and...
Does anyone remember the last time they did a live stream? I'd like to think they're doing it because they'll be unveiling something really special but I can't remember if they did that or not last time they did a live stream.
iOS 7 has been great for me so far. The only bug I've encountered is the iMessage bug where it just won't send your text. However, restarting the phone fixes that.
You've obviously never taught before. I taught high school for three years and it's almost impossible to fail a child now. They literally have to do nothing for you to fail them. It's a terrible system and it's why I got out.
It was dumb of them to upgrade their devices before they knew whether or not it would mess anything up. When you're dealing with something this important and this widespread, you look before you leap. You can do all the testing in the world, but no one releases major new software like this without having problems.
New Posts  All Forums: