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It probably hurts Samsung to be first to market with this. It'll be really obvious when they copy Apple's future design now.
Who in their right mind is going to take phone calls through a watch? That's got to be worse than the bluetooth headset army.
Cook didn't do anything, Wall Street dropped Apple so they could all buy in again.
That's definitely wrong. The 360 is finally profitable for Microsoft but I don't know about the original Xbox. I do know the original Xbox finished ahead of Gamecube and behind PS2 for second place and the 360 easily won this generation after the Wii died off. They have been the leading console seller in the US for like 26 months in a row now.
It took like 6 years for the 360 to be profitable for them. They're lucky this last console generation lasted as long as it did or the 360 would have been a loss too.
  If it was that close AT ALL, I wouldn't bother switching. Chrome is significantly faster on my computer (2010 Macbook Pro) than Safari. Anywhere from 2-5 seconds faster for each page load. That's a pretty good amount of time when I sit down to read a few articles and catch up on my news around the web.
The only thing that matters is whether or not this new Safari is faster than Chrome. If it is, I'll switch back but right now it's no contest.
Lots of presuming done here...
This was definitely a problem with the iPhone 4. My phone and my wife's both broke about 10-14 months in but I wouldn't sue Apple about it.
Great news! Now to find someone who actually owns a blackberry.....
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