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Just guessing.  The NYT and WSJ will not be running with this story.
The finder like window for iCloud on iOS devices looks awesome. But how do you actually access it?
Sucks in which way?
Nice feature. Mail still seems crippled relative to Mailbox. It was nice to see Mail on iOS add better gestures for handling your InBox, but Mail is still a long way from convenient.
How hard would it be to drive by the FoxConn main gate and see they are hiring 5,000 new employees?  Pretty easy.
Yup NYT = Gizmodo with older writers.
I agree, having never seen a Chromebook in the wild, I wonder where they are? Regarding tablets, most corporate tablets are BYOD and would not show up from interviewing CIOs.
If you watch the video, one black of sapphire is going to make at most 500 iPhone screens. Probably less. Apple would need 1000 machines to meet production needs. Probably more. The current plant has only 60 machines. So very unlikely for iPhone screens. What would completely lose performance or easily scratch? Camera lenses. Touch ID sensors. A watch crystal that could bang into walls.
I presumed iPhone mini, maxi and magnum. Just like all the condom names adorning Android phones.
New Posts  All Forums: