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"Its worth noting that Mac Fan, the source of the latest information, previously reported some accurate details by randomly guessing at everything."
I am sure most of this change is due ti the sales of new devices.  Math examples:   500 MM iOS devices in us3 52% are on iOS 8 on Oct 27 = 260 M devices. They sell 20 M new iOS 8 devices in the last 3 weeks. Now 280 M out of 520 M on iS 8 = 53.8 % To get to 56% about 11 M legacy devices had to upgrade. A fair number of those are schools with fleet upgrades.   So I don't think the remaining base of consumers is upgrading very quickly.   In my family we have 6 iOS...
I have had significant issues with slow wifi identification and connections via an iPhone hotspot.  While my iPad will already be connected when I turn it on, my MacBook Pro requires me to turn the hot spot on and off and then wait a while for the MacBook to see it.
Mostly RAW. Crash Plan does save versions indefinitely. Deleted files too. I will have to see if Amazon matches this.
Hmm, I may not need Crash Plan any more for my 1 TB photo collection.
Just guessing.  The NYT and WSJ will not be running with this story.
The finder like window for iCloud on iOS devices looks awesome. But how do you actually access it?
Sucks in which way?
Nice feature. Mail still seems crippled relative to Mailbox. It was nice to see Mail on iOS add better gestures for handling your InBox, but Mail is still a long way from convenient.
How hard would it be to drive by the FoxConn main gate and see they are hiring 5,000 new employees?  Pretty easy.
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