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Yields should be much higher the smaller a display gets.
@antkm1 I remember the gargantuan Best Buy opening in Xu Jia Hui district of Shanghai in 2008/9ish. Advertised as their single largest store in the world. Yet it seemed to me to be mostly wide aisles and very few products. It didn't help I could buy anything there 30% or more cheaper across the street at any electronics mall. But back to floor room, no doubt, when it is busy in China, you need aisle room.
Don't the two Shanghai stores count towards the China total?
OK - the microphone and speaker covers are not going to have big nail sized holes.
  We can be sure that what Apple tries to invent next will be a new market/device concept created by others but in which the full potential is not realized.  I don't think it's TV. Apple TV is just uniting the Apple content ecosystem while not leaving them out of the living room.  It may have been meant to be more, and there may still be experimentation, but they have not cracked the nut yet.     But where?   I'll tell you where it's not.  All the things that sustain the...
The entertainment value of a Steve Jobs response would make the national news.
Probably true for the general public. We tend to think of physics - solid state electronics - as the true wizardry. And indeed it is wizardry. But as the computer age has evolved, Microsoft and Apple have taken a lion's share of industry profits. Two companies with heavy software focus. Obviously Apple is focused on a great end result and uses all weaponry - design , software and hardware, amongst others. Software is clearly equal to the other tools in the toolbox.
This is just the beginning. Android is the target. BTW - iOS and it's interaction with cool hardware designs is going to evolve. Apple now has a deep understanding of what works and does not work in the courts. Expect surgical accuracy going forward on patent construction. Behind the scenes Softy and Mac have settled their war. Note that Softy is not suing Apple only Android. Note, Softy is using some Apple features while avoiding clones. Cross licensing has...
They want a personalized experience to build their brand. At least that's the theory.
He just means they are not locked out of US market and this is just the beginning of the fight.
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