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Samsung can't settle. This is the Galaxy IV: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/12/08/19/rumor_new_photos_show_assembled_next_gen_iphone_display.html
I'm pretty sure that is the Galaxy IV.
LOL - that would be everyone losing credibility who makes Apple predictions. Digitimes at the top of the list. Even John Gruber. People like to debate and guess and it is near impossible to have high accuracy. But debating and guessing is part of the fun.
Dang, good prediction!
No argument here. Just found the 2.2-2.7 potential market cap number fun to debate.
Could be. Just guessing that their excess cash gets distributed as a huge dividend back to the state to finance the country. I haven't looked up their proven reserves vs. those owned/licensed by XOM.
Reinforces the problem with relying too much on Wiki. It's always useful to compare to peer companies when valuing an entity and ask the question "what's unique?". Exxon-Mobile (XOM) has well over $400 B in revenue and is highly profitable. 2x+ estimated Saudi Aramco (SA) revenue. Not sure of SA's profits. XOM has a market cap
LOL-everybody knows a new iPhone is coming out soon. But how about the other products they're keeping secret?
Couple of things that make this fake are: 1) The microphone jack placement and 2) the thickness . You can tell this just by looking at the size of the device around the input jack for the microphone/headset. It is the same thickness as current models. Also the placement of that Jack on the bottom is not really not going to occur. I have to thing those holes for the microphone and the speaker are highly unlikely. Can you say "lint"? Nine of it makes sense.
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