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Well said.
There are a lot of devices outside the USA, but also, inside the USA Apple sells half of the smartphones, plus iPod touches and iPads. No doubt Apple should be most popular at an airport in Florida. A lot of evidence around the net suggest about 1/2of Android phones are really used more like feature phones than like app phones. That should further skew wi-fi data to Apple.
It's a great quarter for Apple. Just not for the stock.
Yup, despite great growth, a disappointment for the stock. This really speaks to an overestimate on international growth for the iPhone. They need China Mobile. Also, carrier pricing in Europe favors Android. Nevertheless, the ramp up on the iPad suggests that it is not long before iPad profits equal iPhone profits. 2 years?
LOL, the last time I was in Norway, people complained they could not order from Amazon because the funny letter "Ø" was not recognized on the credit card payment page. Poor Norway.
  But you would be wrong to think that. 
Good points.  Many of the critical components in products Apple have been from Samsung.  Displays, memory, etc.   They are an awesome force in personal electronics.
Good luck.
  I think their Galaxy S series is on the high end.  Their other businesses surely pull down the profits.
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