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  But you would be wrong to think that. 
Good points.  Many of the critical components in products Apple have been from Samsung.  Displays, memory, etc.   They are an awesome force in personal electronics.
Good luck.
  I think their Galaxy S series is on the high end.  Their other businesses surely pull down the profits.
Samsung is firing on all cylinders.
Apple's goal is likely to reduce the commoditization of their designs and features so they can retain their premium brand and experience. No expectation that they can prevent Samsung from selling phones.
Indeed. I think it will only take 3 months to recover the fee. This was Proview's tactic. Leveraging time vs. a pain in the ....I imagine The stronger Proview felt, the more they moved the goal post. Mediation was probably key to insuring the finish line did not move and legal rights were actually transferred.
In essence this already occurs. Everything is more expensive in mainland China. Hong Kong is cheaper and the USA even cheaper.
At the end of the day, all companies are using any means at their disposal to achieve market dominance. There is no doubt that Apple created the modern version of the SmartPhone. There is also no doubt they build upon the ideas of others and even adopt some outright. Similarly, there is no doubt that a large amount of hardware component innovation comes from Samsung and Apple is a large customer. Apple competes with innovation, network effects from their ecosystem,...
New Posts  All Forums: