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In essence this already occurs. Everything is more expensive in mainland China. Hong Kong is cheaper and the USA even cheaper.
At the end of the day, all companies are using any means at their disposal to achieve market dominance. There is no doubt that Apple created the modern version of the SmartPhone. There is also no doubt they build upon the ideas of others and even adopt some outright. Similarly, there is no doubt that a large amount of hardware component innovation comes from Samsung and Apple is a large customer. Apple competes with innovation, network effects from their ecosystem,...
It's a good discussion. I take analysts predictions like this as merely a "what if" scenario. I will use the numbers quarter by quarter to see if they track on this trajectory. Nevertheless, a huge part of the valuation in the future will rely in the further growth outlook at that time. Even if Apple hits all of Zaky's sales and earnings milestones, the perception of future growth will have a significant impact then. We also have the complexity of Apple beginning to...
No doubt the Kindles are not iPads. But I believe Kindle Fires just displaced Kindle eInk devices. Although we are a 3 iPad family and have no plans to get a Fire, I am still an appreciator of the Fire.
The only thing I am sure of, is if such a product is real, Apple can announce it months in advance and not hurt themselves. This would also remove the potential for large scale leaks on the features.
Same problem here with a twelve year old and an iTouch. We had to terminate app store purchases completely. It's quite addictive.
Apple is not in direct competition with chip manufacturers. It is a customer. A customer of an industry that developed without Apple as their main customer. I am sure Apple is happy to pit chip suppliers against each other, and happy as well to let them sell their products to others. As a business people, all of Apple's execs understand their suppliers for the most part cannot exist solely based on working with Apple. Of course they will pressure for allegiance...
St. Louis Park is a fine place.
Patents and their implied monopoly stimulate research. Including software research and related patents. Although Mueller is open about his dislike for software patents. His comment about a 20 year monopoly being against the public good for something that would be invented anyways is part of his view, but inconsistent with general practice of patent law. He has his view, but it is irrelevant on this point. I find his reporting and interpretation for the lay person to...
The beta is quite nice and I got even more out of it by watching several of the "my favorite features" videos on the net.
New Posts  All Forums: