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The problem did and still does exist. I am an all Apple family. 2 new iPads, one iPad 2, one MAc Pro, 1 iPhone 4S, 1 iPhone 4, one iPhone 3Gs, a gazillion iPod touches and iPod nanos. Out of all these products, I only have problems with two. The iPhone 4 and the Mac Pro. Everything with the MAc Pro is resolved by changing some setting in the control panel. But the iPhone 4, well, indoors at work I get 2-3 bars signal. I ALWAYS drop calls if I hold it in the magic...
That's a fun scenario to consider. LOL. Of course it would take them a couple of years to ramp up production to fill that order. The antitrust issues of wiping out their smaller competitors by giving away free products would be crazy.
Of course that would be awesome. We'll see. But it would be a timely distribution in 2012 given that dividends will be taxed more heavily starting in 2013.
Prediction: Average margin will be roughly unchanged because a higher percentage of 4G & 32+ GB models will be sold than were for the iPad 2. Statement: iSuppli and other cost estimators have significant errors in their estimates.
I am sure I will. It's just so upsetting I need a vacation from them.
I am glad they took ownership. Doesn't mean I have to respect the bad work? Path also got deleted for violating my trust. They also had a nice apology.
This American Life.
Correct, I and all my friends who pre-ordered are first time Retina Display iPad buyers. We all also have iPad 1, 2 or both.
When you are as big as Apple you are going to be used for this purpose. And Apple indeed needs to maintain public trust, so I think so far they have been making all the right moves. But this is here to stay.
The Motley Fool is the financial equivalent of DigiTimes. I applaud them for their encouragement of understanding financial reports. But if you ever watch one of their videos on Apple, it's as if they haven't a clue.
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