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I am sure I will. It's just so upsetting I need a vacation from them.
I am glad they took ownership. Doesn't mean I have to respect the bad work? Path also got deleted for violating my trust. They also had a nice apology.
This American Life.
Correct, I and all my friends who pre-ordered are first time Retina Display iPad buyers. We all also have iPad 1, 2 or both.
When you are as big as Apple you are going to be used for this purpose. And Apple indeed needs to maintain public trust, so I think so far they have been making all the right moves. But this is here to stay.
The Motley Fool is the financial equivalent of DigiTimes. I applaud them for their encouragement of understanding financial reports. But if you ever watch one of their videos on Apple, it's as if they haven't a clue.
The interesting piece to me is if they sold something they did not own. Not meaning the foolery of which subsidiary owned what. But was the Chinese subsidiary selling something even they did not own because they were legally bankrupt? It's the only argument that remotely makes sense for the creditors who lost a lot of $. Either way, a nuisance for Apple. They have 100 times the cash of the worst case scenario.
Don't like Siri, return the phone.
LOL - great comment! I still want a larger than 3.5" iPod Touch like portable game player for the Apple ecosystem. So I will be a little noncompliant with my medication. :-)
Folks, it's clear with the new iPad name we are headed to an iPod, MacBook, iMac like naming system with roughly annual category refreshes. This year and maybe next year will be the last for the iPad 2. Instead we will have products across a wide range of price points. Maybe a no retina display, low flash memory model at the lowest entry point all the way up to the 4G LTE, retina 64+ (128, 256?) GB high end. A strategy like this is not really intended to sell the...
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