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Enough said.
That said, Photoshop is that creative >$500 software. It takes a large R&D effort. They also have the marketing resources to promote outside if the Mac App Store. 4 person development teams are unlikely to create a Photoshop. The reality is that Aperture and Lightroom really only bring a database function vs. other software. So that Adobe can simplify a partial set of existing features, add a basic database and then charge $150 is pretty nice for them.
That is indeed true. Reducing especially luminescence noise while retaining detail.
Photography is my main hobby and Photoshop with various plug-ins is my main software. Eventually with a large photo collection, database management becomes a real need and easy management of multiple versions of photos. The built in file browser for Photoshop, Bridge, is quite nice. But it is not a database. For a Photoshop user, Lightroom uses the same RAW file processing engine and tools. Furthermore, because of the high learning curve for Photoshop, many folks...
Is it just me, or is whenever a product launch approaches, AppleInsider goes crazy with low credibility rumors and then dispels them with other sources of low credibility?
What would you expect Apple to do here? Imagine yourself in the same situation. Apple is indeed under a lot of pressure regarding working conditions at suppliers plants. There is nothing wrong with the media driving this issue. But there is also nothing wrong with Apple's desire to work closely with supportive media outlets when launching new products. I think most people can read the NYT article and clearly see where there is fairness or not in the reporting. But...
iWiii (perfect)
Took them longer than Adobe to catch up with Apple.
In a previous post I did a crude mock up of Q1 2012 earnings. Imagine the following, but increase phone shipments to 42.5 M. Maybe reduce the average selling price by $150. 27 M iPhones at $700 = 18.9 B 15 M iPads at $600 = 9 B 5.5 M Macs at $1300 = 8.25 B iTunes = 2 B Software = 2 B (wild guess have never studied the Apple earnings in depth ) Total > $40 B. Want to be as good as any analyst or blogger (indie)? 1. Make a spreasheet with the above...
Can't wait to read it.
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