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WalMart lies. Only WalMart supercenter has some limited iPhone5 in stock, and even then, employees weren't aware of such deal. Regular WalMart does not even carry iPhone5 (I checked Houston area). So I don't know what 98% comes from, unless WalMart thinks there are only 2% of WalMart is non-SuperCenter In the end, I didn't even put up the effort to explain to WalMart employee of such deal. I headed to Frys, which sold iPhone5 for $126 ($1 less than WalMart). And Frys sure...
I don't get this last graph. How is it possible that SSD has less battery life than HDD? Update: I wasn't able to location the power consumption values from Seagate. OCZ, on the other hand, published the following Power Consumption Idle: 1.3 W Active: 2.5 W
I am actually curious if the battery life is actually as advertised. I still find Lion such a battery drain (from a typical 5 hours with SL to just merely 2 and half under clean installed Lion) I most likely will wait until Mountain Lion comes pre-installed to verify the battery life.
I thought iTune existed before AppStore. Besides, Apple probably considers iTune as an integral part of Mac OS (just like how Microsoft thought of IE as part of Windows...)
Switching from a non-smart phone (Motorola Razr) to iPhone 4 is an easy choice for me. But I am very disappointed with its Bluetooth functionalities. Granted, I love the apps and the retina display, but I can't make quality phone calls without Bluetooth voice degradation. I waited for iOS 4.0.1, and iOS 4.1, and Bluetooth still stinks after 4.1. Hard reset/restore doesn't help. And Genius bar doesn't think it is a hardware issue, so won't warrant a replacement. So yes, I...
Personally, I find the ribbon UI more confusing than the one in Office 2007 or 2010. Not everything is in the same place as I expected from 2007 For example, under Excel 2010, I for the life of me can't seem to find the "Design Mode' button, when it is actually in plain sight under Developer mode in Excel 2007. And speaking of VBA support, what happened to ActiveX form controls? Is it because it is Mac, so there is no such support? I was all happy to learn that VBA is...
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