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If Apple does keep the 13" MB Pro around, I honestly don't think it will get a discreet GPU. If anything, the biggest things differentiating the 13" MB Pro and the 13" MB Air is that the Pro machine will have a quad-core processor and be expandable to 8GB of RAM.
Best post I've read all day and explains well why Tim Cook is CEO of Apple being that he was the one responsible for Apple's supply chain excellence while SJ was CEO.
Best post I've read so far on this subject. "One possible scenario would be to drop the 13" pro to make the new lines: MBA - 11, 13, and 15" MBP - 15 and 17" This seems the most logical scenario to me as well. Also, don't forget the other advantages of the pro is that they have quad-core processors and can be expanded up to 8GB of RAM vs dual-core processors & 4GB of RAM on the MBA.
"The Mac Pro was the right approach ten years ago but it isn't the product to base the next ten years of development upon." I'm curious (not trying to be sarcastic), what would be the "right" Mac Pro to base the next 10 years upon?
You shouldn't care or be worried really. But there are people who just want a reason to complain so they'll do it even when there's no reason to.
Of all the theories, this is the one I agree with the most. There's a lot of people posting who think that's hogwash but my response is the following; “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
I see your Friday, March 30th and raise you Friday, March 16th as official release date and pre-order date (if there is one) on March 9th.
Good eye! And a good point. Assuming it's quad-core and you're right, it's probably based on the Cortex A9 CPU and SGX543MP GPU like the Apple A5. Which means next year is when there will be a new architecture.
Unions were generally formed as a result of a mass strike. Maybe that's what the Chinese workers need to do is form a mass strike, not just Foxconn but all workers who are working in the same or worse conditions. "Force" the government to enact some legislation to ensure better working conditions.
Anybody who cleans up a messy or a trashed house with a flame thrower doesn't deserve to be 2nd worst president. They deserve to be the worst president.Besides Obama didn't clean up anything let alone take a flame thrower to anything. Most of the policies Bush enacted during his time Obama just kept going and even added a few of his lousy ones such his health care act, and the signing of the NDAA on New Year's Eve. Nevermind the fact he prolonged the war in Afghanistan...
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