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I like mine.   Fast, quiet, best display ever on a laptop.   I am glad I bought it   Am I a pro? I guess, I have a job, use it for work.  
It will have to, how else will you restart it when it locks up?   It has to have a Crtl, Alt, Delete key sequence.
Actually I just ordered one (with the 2.7) and 8GB and with my NAPP discount it was under $2900   The base is $2200  
I am surprised at his ignorance? There are thousands of tool and die "shops" in the US   And on, it is not a dying trade. It is the basis of any number of industries from simple plastic injection molding to building nuclear aircraft carriers.
I give very little weight to anonymous sources especially when they are ex-employees of someone.  
I hope he is right, I just bought some
I wonder if this is closer to when Apple abandoned serial ports, floppy disks, etc? HP is no longer seen as an innovator and this is not Apple going it alone, it is an Intel product. I suspect that in a couple of years Thunderbolt will be widely available.
The Market Rule: Which Android? There are many? Which handset? There are many. That's like saying more people drink water than Coke? Yes they do. Also I thought the article was about Gartner? Are you a Gartner analyst or someone who buys a lot of Gartner subscriptions and has a highly rated product? you know, the upper right quadrant of the copyrighted "Magic Quadrant" The market rule says Apple, AT&T and Verizon make a lot of money on iPhones, companies using the many...
The real message here is don't use Oppenheimer funds if this guy is an analyst for them
No Airprint unless I buy an HP Printer? That is ridiculous. I can't print via any of our Mac's and I have to say this is extremely disappointing. Should rename it Noprint
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