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JLL posted the solution. This was exactly what the problem was with my great aunt's upgrade to 10.5.6, and removing ~/Library/Mail/MessageRules.plist solved it. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2537
Agreed, wholeheartedly.
Okay, I'll post this *again*... Moving to tagging from folders is *TRIVIAL*. Showing tags as folders is almost as trivial. The two are really quite compatible. Folders to tagging: Walk the folder tree. Any time you hit a file, tag it with the chain of folders you got to it in. Done. Think about it, that's what you're doing when you file in folders, isn't it? "This is a user file (Users). This is my file (kickaha). This is a document I made (Documents). This is...
I happens because the disk is in use? It happens every so often on me, and is almost always due to my having a Terminal window open where the shell's current working directory is on that disk. Once in a blue moon, it's because Finder is being cranky, and a relaunch of it (Opt-Ctrl click it in the Dock) fixes the issue. And, because I don't know if you're a recent switcher or long time user, remember that closing a window does *not* close the app. You can have an app...
I believe the critical word there is 'qualifying'. If the machine you purchased was discontinued before iLife '09 was announced, then there's no way it would ever have shipped with iLife '09, and you're not eligible for the $10 upgrade offer. This is only for folks who, after iLife '09 was announced, purchased a computer that shipped with iLife '08 on it simply because it left Apple's manufacturing before the iLife '09 announcement, and if it had shipped just a few days...
That's normal. When that RAM needs to be used for something else *THEN* it gets purged. Not before. If you quit all those apps, then launched them again, it would just reuse the data already paged into memory.
I think you hit the nail on the head, but not the way you think. You're right, consumers don't know about DPI, PPI, resolutions native and scaled, etc... and there's really no reason why they *should*. "Larger" and "smaller" are the only things they should have to know about. Until the point comes that that can be achieved without bizarre things like only some UI elements scaling appropriately, *any* and *all* such glitches will be seen only as "it's busted", where "it"...
Mini-DP: Video TOSLink: Audio Yes.
Mini-DP doesn't currently support audio out. Use an appropriate output to hook into your speakers - analog or optical/digital TOSLink. The headphone jack supports both.
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