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Gazoobee, Seriously, how did you come up with that? I've never had someone come up to me and ask me why I jailbreak. I don't pirate my apps. I find it funny that square wants to alienate a paying customer. Great business move...
Another Samsung rMBP owner here :)
This works for Micro Sim's, but the new iPhone uses Nano Sims, which is also thinner. Therefore a simple cut will not work anymore. You will have to sand it down as well to reduce the thickness.   Edit: Here is an article talking about it. http://asia.cnet.com/hacked-iphone-5-nano-sim-thickness-doesnt-matter-62218820.htm
Bravo, great reply. I've always hated using google search as a reference in ones point. It is irrelevant.
I'm also on SoftBank. My battery has been fine on my 4S since I turned off the automatic time. I mean really, we are in Japan which only has one time zone. We don't need it anyway. I use anywhere from 500-1000 megs a month. I just wish SoftBank didn't have such a high latency. Still better than AU... I have all my features
This is only partially true. My 3GS is untethered on iOS 5 Jailbroken. Also, how often do you actually reboot your phone? I've used tethered jailbreaks on my (now wife's) iPhone4 without any issues. Just don't update any Cydia apps when you aren't at home and you won't have to worry about it.
You're iPad updated because you didn't have to contact Servers to authenticate the Baseband. You have at some point run Jailbreak software on your computer and it has added (gs.apple.com) to the block list of the computer (hosts file). This is not Apple's fault. Remove any lines in your hosts file that says gs.apple.com and you should be able to update your phone.
Not if you have ClickToFlash 2.1. It loaded as an MP4 for me Now if only they made a plugin for the iOS devices to do the same their
What manual? I don't think Apple believes in those
Where is the like button when I need it
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