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You may not be the only one, but that doesn't make it a common issue. I'm in Japan accessing the US iTunes store and all of my streams have been pretty close to instant on the aTV 2.0 through Wifi-N with the router on the second floor.Edit: I'm pretty surprised at what I can do through wifi without any streaming issues. All of my movie files are on the time-machine connected wifi to my macbook and then backup wifi, then down to the aTV. I've done 720P and 1080P (obviously...
Yes, but most of us that Jailbreak do not hack app store apps. I pay for what I use. Plain and simple. I do not want another PSP where no one wants to create apps for it. Right now my biggest reason for Jailbreaking has become my AppleTV. Only streaming my iPod videos is not what I bought my aTV 2.0 for.
I love it. I read the whole thing in Steves voice. Yeah, it was magical
I know of one for sure, because I own it. It's called the AirMac (Airport is registered to IO-Data in Japan.)
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