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This isn't entirely surprising though it is mildly disappointing. That said though, like many have noted, this doesn't mean that Apple is done developing pro-level software. Perhaps it will just eventually all roll into the new Photos app. But realistically, I don't know of many pro-photographers who use Aperture. Everyone complains about Lightroom and Photoshop, but it's still the standard for most, like it or not. Also, has anyone considered that perhaps Apple worked...
 Yeah, sorry, like I said, mostly off topic. Struck a nerve at the wrong time. It's just getting really annoying at work and at home and with friends to be bombarded with issue after issue.
I noticed this yesterday with my mid-2011 21.5" iMac with 3rd generation Apple TVs running on a 4th generation Time Capsule/2nd generation AirPort Express Network. I click one of my Apple TVs, the TV screen turns black, audio comes through, but no video ever ends up arriving. I am unable to change the "Use AirPlay to Display" settings either; it's stuck on Extend Desktop.   Speaking of AirPlay though, ever since the latest Apple TV update that came out I believe in...
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have far less problems with how iOS 7 looks than I do with how it works. I can deal with ugly icons, but what's really getting annoying is all the crashes, the ongoing bugs, the quirkiness, and the many processes that went backwards in terms of usability. I've had iOS 7 running on a 3rd and 4th generation iPad, an iPad Mini, an iPad Air, an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5s. I experience more bugs in this shipping version...
I use home sharing and have never had an issue with it automatically finding libraries that way.
Interesting idea with the headphones. Like AirPlay the audio back to the device essentially? But it definitely does look like iOS 7 UI and is very similar to the iTunes app, at least on the iPhone. I haven't compared on the iPad. Are you sure you've upgraded???
That happened with iTunes 11 and the album view from what I recall. I love having it on the iPad personally as it's among my favorite new iTunes features.
Ugh.Text as buttons is my least favorite part about the new design direction. They were going for clarity but most everyone I know has found it to be confusing. This is a classic example of it at it's worst.
I had a very hard time trying to find a problem typing any characters around the edge. I wonder if this is something that only applies to screens form a specific supplier.
Wow, Samsung, wow...   So this is what you get from Samsung when they don't have an Apple design to copy. Brutal. I'm no fan of Samsung but I generally don't go out of my way to be negative about them either. I can acknowledge that the S3 and S4 are good Android phones if Android is your thing. But goodnight, that thing looks heinous, and I just can't imagine needing something like that. I think what Tim Cook said about the focus needing to be sensors is dead...
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