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Lucida Grande.
I don't know about the gradients, but all the type inside images is set in Helvetica, which also happens to be the system font on the iPhone. I'll hazard a guess that Helvetica will be the system font in Leopard. (It's interesting to note that Helvetica was also the system font in NeXTSTEP.)
Any signs of font auto-activation in Font Book 2.0? It's pretty much a requirement for any design work involving type. -Heady
Didn't Put Away work with items on the desktop too? If I remember correctly, using Put Away on a desktop item moved it back to its original location (i.e. where it was before it was placed on the desktop). -Heady
Well, that's great news. I would also presume that files update instantly too—i.e. when a window is in list view sorted by date modified, newly modified files instantly jump to the top of the listing without having to click them first. -Heady
It looks like the Mac designs MacWorld commissionned to Frog Design some years ago (somewhere around 1994-1996?). I may be confusing them with the Apple prototypes from around the same period (late Sculley or early Spindler) which MacWorld also published, but this one looks more like the Frog Design prototypes. [Edit: Outsider beat me to it.] -Heady
Final Cut Express is indeed a good deal for what it does, but it lacks several things besides the ability to edit non-DV material. I've used Final Cut Express, and the things that bothered me most were the lack of good logging capabilities and the lack of keyframing. QuickView and the scopes also are missing in action. (If you don't know what these things are, you probably don't need Final Cut Pro's extra features. ) There's a detailed listing of differences here. As for...
I've never tried MasterJuggler before (in fact, I didn't even know that it allowed you to activate and deactivate fonts), but it looks like they have a new version out. They don't have a demo out, though, so I wasn't able to test it. -Heady
I also hope they improve FootBook by the time Panther ships, but I wouldn't count on feedback from Apple's inhouse designers; you don't need much from a font manager when the only font you'll ever manage is Myriad -Heady
I haven't tried it yet, but FontSight from Stone seems to handle this, at least for Cocoa applications. -Heady
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