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I have Netflix and OTA, it's more than enough. All for $9/month.
I just want Siri to help me find the remote.
Close to your face? If you look at Figure 7, it is imbedded in your face!
Many, perhaps most android phones allow you to expand the memory for the cost of a SD card.That said, I never bought the entry level iPhone or iPad.
So you're saying it is OK for Flurry to install tracking software on my device. Seems a bit unethical to me and perhaps illegal as well. I' m not sure I would consider a firm with that kind of ethics to be credible.
i think Nintendo might have a concern with this. They are already doing this on the wii.
I just tried it. I love the ability to group my photos into collections. Oh yes, for this unwashed senior citizen it wasn't at all difficult finding my photos. Maybe it's only the arrogant snobs with their heads up their butts that can't,
The concern is that if IOS has been compromosed by the NSA then you only think you are turning it off.
New Posts  All Forums: