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I'd like to try excel but there's no way I'm buying 360.
Other than avoiding the doggie doo, it needs a camera that points in the direction you are going
I was thinking pcjunior.  Definitely not cool.
I can't imagine why they needed to include a dedicated pulse monitor.  I have an app on my 4s that uses the existing camera and flash.
The A7 has about 50% the computing power of the Macbook air core I5. The Arm processors are are great mobile chips (phone/tablet) because they don't consume much power.  If you're willing to pack around a one pound battery then the ARM looses that advantage.  Of course if you want a Macbook air that can go a week without recharging then I suppose an ARM chip might be appropriate but you will have to give on performance.
Are you implying that the iPad isn't a computer?
 I've always wished that Apple included the GPS in their wifi only iPads.
I don't know whether BBM is the answer but a universal messaging app or a universal standard for messsaging is sorely needed.
If I were to make $50,000 a day since last May I might just call it a day and dissappear too.
 Actually I like change as long as it is for the better. Abandoning a desktop or decent laptop to do s spreadsheet on an iPad doesn't pass that test. I do write reports in my job, I wouldn't even want to try doing that on an iPad. Cutting and pasting from spreadsheets or copying sections from other reports, web pages etc demands a lot more real estate than an iPad can provide. I can't imagine anyone in my office being able to efficiently do their work on an iPad. ...
New Posts  All Forums: