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I would like a tax holiday too. Since that is unlikely there is no reason why corps should get one. Simple solution levy the tax regardless of whether they repatriate the earnings. That is about the only way we can unilaterally eliminate the incentive to leave earnings overseas.
My Mac plus went to the graveyard years ago but I still have an SE/30 and an LC 630. The SE/30 was a great machine, the LC not so much. I really should see if they'll still boot up.
Touch screen on a windows8 computer has got to be an improvement.  It certainly can't make it any worse.
Anyone remember IBM's pcJr?
Hopefully it's open enough that the hackers can improve on it.
And now the also rans are out trying to buy Swiss watch companies.
I'd like to try excel but there's no way I'm buying 360.
Other than avoiding the doggie doo, it needs a camera that points in the direction you are going
I was thinking pcjunior.  Definitely not cool.
I can't imagine why they needed to include a dedicated pulse monitor.  I have an app on my 4s that uses the existing camera and flash.
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