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I still wonder what profits are included in Amazon's market cap.
In Europe don't they use the "," instead of "." for the decimal point?  That would make it only 10.000 Euros in American terms.
When I use the iPad it is roughly 12" from the end of my nose.  If I use a keyboard it will be more like 20" to 24".   For me, at that distance, a 13" Air is marginal and a +20" would be preferable.  I wouldn't even consider using an iPMini at that distance.  For that reason I've come to the conclusion that a keyboard isn't of much value to me.  YMMV
I didn't mention SSD in my post but hat doesn't matter. The point is that Apple charges at least 3 times the retail price for flash memory, so anyone stating that other makers won't be able to match are just posting drivel.
I don't think other tablet makers are going to have any problem matching this.  Retail costs for flash are now under $1/GB, Apple is charging about $3/Gb to go from their base model to the 128Gb model.
Assuming the imbedded solar cell has the same characteristics as a regular solar cell, one the size of an iphone screen could fully charge the battery in 2 to 3 hours.  Mine sits on my desk most of my working hours so I could probably get by without ever having to plug it in.
I would hate to be the one in the back of a court room speaking into my iPad.  LOL...
The lack of a file system is OK if you have a few files.  Once you get get past a few dozen within the same app organization starts to become a problem.  With hundreds of files it becomes unusable.  I attended a legal proceeding and tried to load up the textual evidence on an iPad.  Even though there were hundreds if not thousands of files they fit on my 32Gb iPad.  Trying to find the file being referenced by the lawyers was next to impossible.  Windows or Mac OS laptops...
SD cards significantly cheaper than what Apple charges for internal memory.  IIRC the ipad teardown gave the cost for the 16GB memory as $5 or there abouts so Apple could certainly reduce the price points for larger memory.  With reasonable priced internal memory the SD issue would largely go away.  The issue of file organization still exists with iOS.  SD cards do offer an easy way to keep data seperated by category bu,t if possible, changes to iOS would be the best way...
The iOS file structure or lack of it needs to be addressed.  When you have 100s or 1000s of pdfs, pictures etc.  you need to be able to organize them in a structured manner.   iBooks allows a few different categories but it isn't sufficient for large numbers of documents.  Adding another 64Gb of storage is only going to make it worse. 
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