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SD cards significantly cheaper than what Apple charges for internal memory.  IIRC the ipad teardown gave the cost for the 16GB memory as $5 or there abouts so Apple could certainly reduce the price points for larger memory.  With reasonable priced internal memory the SD issue would largely go away.  The issue of file organization still exists with iOS.  SD cards do offer an easy way to keep data seperated by category bu,t if possible, changes to iOS would be the best way...
The iOS file structure or lack of it needs to be addressed.  When you have 100s or 1000s of pdfs, pictures etc.  you need to be able to organize them in a structured manner.   iBooks allows a few different categories but it isn't sufficient for large numbers of documents.  Adding another 64Gb of storage is only going to make it worse. 
I'm sure the fact that 16GB are the best sellers has a lot to do with the price bump to get more.   I'm fine with 16Gb on my phone but then I don't load it up with music. My 32 GB ipad is full.  I agree with your comments on microSD but I would like a full size SD on the ipad. 
I just ugraded an XP machine to Win8.  The downloaded version is currently $40, MS claims the regular price will be $240 so that amounts to 83% off. Win8 is certainly different than Win7.  I use 7 at work and since we just upgraded from XP I doubt that I will ever have Win8 at work.  I don't have an opinion on whether 8 is better or worse than 7 but it is going to be a challenge using two different operating systems, three and 1/2 counting IOS and the rare times my...
They only struck down the false advertising claim. The trade mark saga continues.
Paper???? About half the reviews think it is great while the other half rate it as mediocre at best. I don't have it and based on the reviews its unlikely I'll try it.
    Maybe someday but in a corporate world with IT lockdown the iCloud may as well not exist.
Yup, you got it. I use the iPad for a lot more than just streaming, emailing and surfing so a 16 Gb version would be pretty useless.  But regardless of what you use it for it has the same memory limitation as the 64 Gb surface that people are ragging on.
The kindle touch is closer to $100 if you can find one.  A mini would be useful for more than just books..  Plus he's a fandroid so it might actually save him from the dark side.   Our 32 Gb iPad is almost full, My B-inlaw's 16 Gb iphone doesn't even hold all his music.  It doesn't take very much to fill up 16 Gb.  I wouldn't even consider anything under 32 Gb. YMMV
Well so far it can.  They did lose one mini sale though because of it.  My son wants an ereader.  I considered spending a bit more and getting him a mini.  But a 16 Gb iPad is about as useless as a 64 Gb Surface and the price of the 32 Gb model is a bit much so he's getting an e-ink kindle.
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