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The A7 has about 50% the computing power of the Macbook air core I5. The Arm processors are are great mobile chips (phone/tablet) because they don't consume much power.  If you're willing to pack around a one pound battery then the ARM looses that advantage.  Of course if you want a Macbook air that can go a week without recharging then I suppose an ARM chip might be appropriate but you will have to give on performance.
Are you implying that the iPad isn't a computer?
 I've always wished that Apple included the GPS in their wifi only iPads.
I don't know whether BBM is the answer but a universal messaging app or a universal standard for messsaging is sorely needed.
If I were to make $50,000 a day since last May I might just call it a day and dissappear too.
 Actually I like change as long as it is for the better. Abandoning a desktop or decent laptop to do s spreadsheet on an iPad doesn't pass that test. I do write reports in my job, I wouldn't even want to try doing that on an iPad. Cutting and pasting from spreadsheets or copying sections from other reports, web pages etc demands a lot more real estate than an iPad can provide. I can't imagine anyone in my office being able to efficiently do their work on an iPad. ...
 I have set up a couple of spreadsheets on an iPad. If you have more than a couple of dozen numbers to deal with you will want a keypad and a bigger display.I'm not a power user but even my small spreadsheets are bigger than that.
Sorry, but it is impossible to do a real spreadsheet on the iPad. I haven't used Numbers on a Mac, hopefully it works better there. Excel is still the gold standard and if pretty is important it's not that hard to make "pretty" charts. I dislike Microsofts tinkering with the interface though, but then Apple did the same thing with IOS7. I dislike Windows, especially Win8 and its stupid charm bar. It might work with a touch interface but is horrible with a mouse. I do...
I had to look elsewhere to see the drone with wheels attached. Wheels would certainly reduce the marks on the ceiling and walls.
 Thanks for the info, I've been looking for an old Casio digital guitar but they aren't cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: