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Unfortunately many many of us are stuck with using Windows software, either because of corporate standards or specialized software, so this could sell really well.
I charged my 4s Friday night and then tried not to use it over the weekend. I'm a light user anyway. Monday AM I had just over 50% battery left. On the other hand a couple of weeks ago I notice the phone got very warm. For some reason it wasn't connecting to the cell network. No clue why as the signal bars were high but in any case it was draining the battery. A GPS app will do the same thing if it's not exited. Latest silly Siri response. Monday morning Me: ...
Like it or not, given the proliferation of Windows based software, not running OSX is actually an advantage. As an example at a recent legal proceeding I was involved in the court reporter was using an Air running Windows. She wanted the convenience of the Air but the reporting software is Windows based. She was tech savy enough use an Air but I'm sure there is a large market for an Air equivalent that is marketed as using Windows. Assuming HP executes this properly it...
Nope, it is correct. The company owns the non-circulating shares, but the 1 remaining share owns the company and so owns all the non-circulating shares as well.
A stock split would sure be nice. It would expand the investor base. This may or may not raise the stock price but it would provide a lot of inertia that would tend to inhibit stock manipulation.
Selling covered calls is a good way to lose your good stocks and keep your bad ones.
Ota worked fine on my 4s, started at 72% went down to 70% Half hour later it is warm to the touch and has dropped to 66%. It may be residual heat from the install or there is something running in the background. Anyone know how to see what could be running?
The affluent Asians that I know are extremely brand consious(often laughably so, see YSL luggage at the airport, pretty good odds it belongs to an Asian.). If this carries through to the less affluent then the survey results are believable.
IMHO the retarded trolls probably don't lower the level of intelligence of posters to AI, where there seems to be a super abundance of retards. You certainly fit the bill.
I had speech recognition and text to speech om my apple II+ with a 4 mhz 6502 so i'm pretty sure siri would run fine on the original iphone. All the heavy computing is done on apple's servers which are tasked with figuring out how to respond. Siri is definitely beta and here in Canada that would even be a stretch. But when i chose to get the 4s it was to upgrade my phone. With or without siri my decision would have been the same. When siri gets beyond beta i wouldnt...
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