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I've found it the other way around. Drs tend to be arrogant and will ignore the patients opinions. Not related to Cancer but there have been times when I did know better than my Doctor. I'm the one with the symtoms, while the Dr can only go by how I describe them. At least twice I have had to push for an test that confirmed that I was right. As I'm a male I only go to a Dr once or twice a decade but when I do I do my homework first. As for Cancer, while I'd trust...
Before passing judgement maybe a bit more information is necessary If he parked cross ways there must have been a bunch of empty stalls on either side. Was the lot empty at the time, if so it was probably after work hours. Handicap stalls are usually closest to the door so he may have just expected to pop in and out. I parked in a handicap stall last night when I picked up my daughter from work. The parking lot was empty and the stalls are closest to the door where...
There are apps that allow an iphone or ipad to control the ATV. I wonder when someone will issue a SIRI compatable version?
I like my iphone and ipad but am not that impressed with the ATV. What it does it does well but unless you only want the content on Apples menu it is pretty limited. For a $100 gadget it's OK but I certainly wouldn't buy a TV with the same limitations.
Personally I'm happy with the screen size. My preference would be for the rest of the phone to be reduced in size to fit underneath the display.
Apple worked with Nuance on Siri so Siri probably uses the same tech as Dragon.
Likewise, anyone who has had a loved one die of cancer knows that it is extremely unlikely the patient will be placing calls during the last couple of days.
I ordered mine through telus the second day of the pre-order. Delivery would have been Friday if I'd been home. Picked it up Saturday instead. It is my first iphone. My corporate Blackberry was taken away when I switched jobs. I do miss the corp emails that BB was so good with but other than that it does a lot more that the BB ever did. Siri won't do map look ups in Canada so that is a disappointment. She does take dictation, sends text and voice dials very nicely. ...
Mine's on the delivery truck. Unfortunately no one is home so I might not get it until tomorrow.
Were you using airplay or mirroring? From a very limited test on an ipad they seem to be different. For example Crackle does not have airplay enabled but I was able to mirror it with no problem.
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