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Wow is that ever an intelligent comment.
Personally I hope they don't do very well. If they do then large businesses will slavishly buy them vs Apple. If you have MS at work it is more likely you will stick with MS at home. It would be the Mac vs the IBM PC all over again.
Not all stylus tablets use resistive screens. I have a Motion M1400 tablet that uses a stylus and has a hard glass screen. In fact you can hold the stylus slightly above the screen and move the pointer around. The stylus has a switch but does not use batteries.
If the kindle didn't use e-ink i wouldn't have mine. For reading straight text it is way better than the ipad. It works in sunlight and it works fine in a dimly lit room. The form factor and battery life are fantastic-- as an ereader. For anything other than just text the ipad is better. I've recently read a wine tasting book on both a kindle and on an ipad. On the ipad there are embedded videos that just don't show up on the kidle. This book was purchased from the...
That's the only way a smart phone can look, just ask Samsung.
If that were true then why is there a market for a case that makes an iPhone look like one of those?
I'd take an ACER over a Dell anytime.
Its been quite a few years since it was even worth while to assemble you own mid level Windows PC. If you want top end though it is still cheaper to do it yourself. This even includes a hackintosh Pro.
IOS 5 is supposed to enable bluetooth on the ATV so there will be lots of input options.
Being first to market isn't necessarily an advantage, many people wait for the second iteration. I certainly waited for the Ipad 2. I do think though that patent protection for electronic hardware and software be for a shorter period of time. Five years should be enough to bring something to market and have 1 or two upgrades before someone else can use the patent. By then if you're inovative you've got something better anyway. It would also get rid of the patent trolls...
New Posts  All Forums: