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Actually Bill Gates has three children. I'm not sure they will be upset though. Finally they can get an ipod.
One has to wonder if the supply chain source happens to be Samsung.
I don't. Grammer cops add nothing to the thread.
I think you are right, but it frustrates the hell out of us who do our own servicing.
I think they use them as phones and ipods. With the occasional simplistic app thrown in.
They can likely do that but how do they compete with options that have no mailing cost such as Redbox, Walmart and such.
There was a window of opportunity but it was closing as early as 2009 as by then their revenue per subscriber was steadily declining. With the switch to streaming they could reduce their per subscriber cost negating the impact of reduced per subscriber revenue. Most of their growth in the last couple of years has been through increased subscription driven by the streaming opton. That doesn't go on forever. They had to choose which business was sustatinable. IMHO I...
I think you have the wrong metaphor. Try this one "Hi, I'm the largest buggy whip maker in the world. I'm going to stop making buggy whips and focus on the new fangled automobile because they are the future." Other than for a very short period of time, DVD rentals by mail never made very much business sense. I'm sure Netflix wants to get out of it as quickly as they can. I do agree that their exit plan has not been excuted at all well.
I said it would be a good fit, I didn't say it would be pretty.
RIM is still pretty strong in the enterprise market where, contrary to what some posters think, security is a BIG DEAL. I wouldn't be suprised if Microsoft took a run at RIM. It would be a good fit given their focus on large corporate users. MS and BB might even add value to each other. Apple doesn't seem to be directly interested in that market. Their penatration to date seems to be a carry over from the consumer market where they do quite well.
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