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I don't see it. Is this another example of Apple thinking the world ends at the US border?
Locall last week a guy electrocuted himself trying to steal copper from a power substation. Same thing happened a couple of years ago.
 I'll up the anti. My first 20 Mb hard drive cost $485. Based on my salary at the time that would be about $1500 in todays dollars.
 I'd be happy with just a bigger display without any increased functionality.
 The 13" macbook air weighs in under 3 lbs. I have no doubt ditching the keyboard and a smaller battery would get a 13" iPad under 2 lbs.It won't fit in a purse but it will fit nicely in a briefcase.
 Nope. I've used my daughter's. It's just not the same user experience. The iPad is the goto device in our household.
 Change your DNS.
The iPad senior!!! YES!!!!! I need it for my old eyes. It also opens up the possibility of multiple "windows" open at the same time.
I have no doubt that Apple is guilty of tax avoidance but that isn't illegal. On the otherhand, any tax accountant worth his salt is always pushing the boundaries between legal and illegal.
I agree with philboogie. With physical buttons you don't have to take your eye of the road. I can operate my windows, radio, airconditioning, lights without ever having to look for the control, I don't think I could do that with a touchsreen. Siri on the other hand.....
New Posts  All Forums: