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 Mercedes builds the smart car. I don't think that has any impact on their brand.
Without the write down they would have been up $200 million. No doubt they are in trouble but brave companies will take a big writedown so they can move on. At least they aren't in denial anymore.
I'm finding I stream Netflx and my collection of movies using my smart,( dare I say it) Samsung tv. The interface isn't as clean but I only need to use one remote. When I upgraded my Blueray player to include a Receiver the girl who bought my old one wanted it because it had a usb port. She uses it to connect an external hardrive loaded with movies. The ATV gets used for airplay (maybe 60 minutes a week) and itune rentals. By playing with the DNS I can get Netflix...
Meet your next pizza delivery boy.
I don't see it. Is this another example of Apple thinking the world ends at the US border?
Locall last week a guy electrocuted himself trying to steal copper from a power substation. Same thing happened a couple of years ago.
 I'll up the anti. My first 20 Mb hard drive cost $485. Based on my salary at the time that would be about $1500 in todays dollars.
 I'd be happy with just a bigger display without any increased functionality.
 The 13" macbook air weighs in under 3 lbs. I have no doubt ditching the keyboard and a smaller battery would get a 13" iPad under 2 lbs.It won't fit in a purse but it will fit nicely in a briefcase.
 Nope. I've used my daughter's. It's just not the same user experience. The iPad is the goto device in our household.
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