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 IMHO anyone who buys a Louis Vuitton bag is a moron as is anyone who buys an iphone just because it is peceived to be the high end brand.I have an iphone because all in all it was functionally the best phone for me. If I wore a watch it would more likely be a Casio than a Cartier as functionally there is no difference between the two.
 Mercedes builds the smart car. I don't think that has any impact on their brand.
Without the write down they would have been up $200 million. No doubt they are in trouble but brave companies will take a big writedown so they can move on. At least they aren't in denial anymore.
I'm finding I stream Netflx and my collection of movies using my smart,( dare I say it) Samsung tv. The interface isn't as clean but I only need to use one remote. When I upgraded my Blueray player to include a Receiver the girl who bought my old one wanted it because it had a usb port. She uses it to connect an external hardrive loaded with movies. The ATV gets used for airplay (maybe 60 minutes a week) and itune rentals. By playing with the DNS I can get Netflix...
Meet your next pizza delivery boy.
I don't see it. Is this another example of Apple thinking the world ends at the US border?
Locall last week a guy electrocuted himself trying to steal copper from a power substation. Same thing happened a couple of years ago.
 I'll up the anti. My first 20 Mb hard drive cost $485. Based on my salary at the time that would be about $1500 in todays dollars.
 I'd be happy with just a bigger display without any increased functionality.
 The 13" macbook air weighs in under 3 lbs. I have no doubt ditching the keyboard and a smaller battery would get a 13" iPad under 2 lbs.It won't fit in a purse but it will fit nicely in a briefcase.
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